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Mozilla Firefox 66.0.5 Offline Installation For All Operating System

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 71.0 Offline Installer For All Operating Systems Free Download

Mozilla Firefox Official Site –
Firefox will be a browser, but it will also be a set of services and mobile apps. We will continue to improve our core experience, but we will introduce new ideas that would not happen without us. People will choose Firefox because it imbues them with super powers that they can’t get anywhere else. It will always work better than they expect. It will make being online better. We are at our best when the world follows our lead.
Firefox's international usage grew to 32% by the end of 2009. After the release of Google Chrome, Firefox's popularity began to decline.  As of January 2016, Firefox has between 9% and 16% of worldwide usage as a desktop browser, making it the second most-popular web browser. Firefox continues to be the most popular browser in Cuba, Eritrea, and Germany, with 85.93%, 79.39%, and 38.36% of the market share, respectively. According to Mozilla, there were 170 million Firefox users around the world in December 2017. With Internet Explorer declining, Firefox has reached second place in April 2018 as a desktop browser, behind Google Chrome.
Features include tabbed browsing, spell checking, incremental find, live bookmarking, Smart Bookmarks, a download manager, private browsing, location-aware browsing (also known as "geolocation") based on a Google service,[31] and an integrated search system.

Firefox Desktop and Android
  • In Firefox Desktop, the first half of the year will bring multi-process to the general release for the very first time. Test Pilot will be relaunched as a way for release channel users to opt into experimental features for rapid iteration and feedback. One of these features will be the Activity Stream (placeholder name) which is a searchable, more powerful view of user history.
  • In Firefox for Android, the first half of the year will focus on providing users with a quality browsing experience that incorporates interactions more in line with their expectations, while bringing relevant Web content to the user in a proactive and digestible way. This includes a revamp of our Top Sites, Bookmarks and other home panels, notifying users when a blog has been updated with new content, or reminding users of recently-saved bookmarks.

Key Features :
  • Add-ons : Extensions let a user add new things to the browser or change how it does something. They are created by other users. Because extensions are able to access all parts of the computer that Firefox can, extensions that can harm a computer could be made. However,the extension can only change system settings if you have administrator privileges.
  • Themes : Firefox also has themes or skinning which change the way the browser looks to the user. Some themes that can make Firefox look like other browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Netscape.
  • Tabs : Tabbed browsing is a feature used in the browser where many webpages can be opened in one window, with labeled tabs on top to select the webpage. To make a new empty tab, type control-T.
  • Searching : There is a search box in Firefox that can be seen in the top right corner of the window. When someone using Mozilla Firefox types something in the search box and presses enter, the browser will search the Internet using a search engine like Google or Yahoo!. There are "search suggestions" in Firefox 2. When words are typed in the search box, suggested words will appear. For example, if "wiki" is typed, the browser will suggest "Wikipedia".
  • Spell checking : Firefox can use spell checking, if a word is typed badly into a text box, like the one where someone changes a Wikipedia page, the program will underline the word that is spelled wrong with a red line. If you scroll over that word and right click, Mozilla Firefox will list words which use the right spelling. For example: the wrong word "chekc" will have "check" as a suggestion.

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Firefox 66.0.5 for Windows 32-bit
Firefox 66.0.5 for Windows 64-bit
Firefox 66.0.5 for Linux x86, x64
Firefox 66.0.5 for Mac
Firefox 66.0.5 EME Free version

Firefox for Android
Firefox for iOS
Firefox for All Systems and Languages
Firefox Portable

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