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Sandboxie 5.47.1 Final Full For Windows 64-bit

Sandboxie 5.47.1 Final Full For Windows 64-bit

Sandbox is an isolated environment on a network that mimics end-user operating environments. Sandboxes are used to safely execute suspicious code without risking harm to the host device or network. Using a sandbox for advanced malware detection provides another layer of protection against new security threats—zero-day (previously unseen) malware and stealthy attacks, in particular. And what happens in the sandbox, stays in the sandbox—avoiding system failures and keeping software vulnerabilities from spreading.
Direct Link Download Sandboxie x64 : 
Size : 3 MB
Version :5.47.1

  • It has the best user-friendly interface designed so that beginners can easily work with it.
  • This is a multilingual tool.
  • Apart from that, it provides built-in guides, tutorials, and a help function for solving problems that users might encounter.
  • It supports the three largest operating systems in the world.
  • Provides tools for performing tasks in multiple languages.
  • Sandboxie creates sandboxes for newly installed applications.
  • This prevents the program from effecting permanent changes to other computer applications.
  • It also prevents the spread of malware throughout the computer.
  • Additionally, it acts as a virus vault to protect the computer.
  • Sandboxie prevents intruders from entering over the Internet. Hence, protect the computer from any hacks.
  • Protect against all zero-day threats by isolating the content in quarantine.
  • When a user opens their email using Sandboxie, it ignores any hidden malicious attachments that could damage the computer.
  • It acts as an antivirus program to prevent any kind of data theft which could cause serious harm to the person.
  • Users can safely test new applications in a contained environment.
  • This way, even if the new application fails, the rest of the computer will be safe.

How To Install :
  • Download and extract the file "Sandboxie Full".
  • Install the program as usual.
  • Done

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