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AdGuard VPN MOD APK Unlocked 1.2.114 Full Version

AdGuard VPN Unlocked MOD APK Unlocked 1.2.114 Full Version

AdGuard VPN Unlocked MOD APK Unlocked 1.2.114 is the best free solution for your online security from the creators of the famous ad blocker. Encrypt your connection, hide your IP address and the websites you visit from anyone (including your Internet provider) and ensure anonymous web browsing. AdGuard VPN is developed by AdGuard Software. This app can help you block annoying ad videos as well as create a private internet so you can access the internet more safely. AdGuard VPN has two valuable features compared to competing VPN services: VPN information transfer protocol and ad blocking.
Adguard VPN can be used to block ads automatically. The servers available in the application are quite complete, you just have to choose the one that is the fastest. VPNs can also unblock sites smoothly, and of course they can be used for free. On the other hand, AdGuard VPN will provide protection while browsing so that users can avoid malware, spyware, and various other security hazards.

  • Ultimate data protection : I’m sure we’re all familiar with the notication that pops up informing users that a certain website collects cookies. If you’re like me, you’d obviously click on “Allow” so that you can move on with the content of the domain. There may be some third-party cookies through which third-party websites collect your personal data. However, AdGuard uses specialized modules to hide your IP address and block any suspicious activity going on without your consent; thus, protecting your data.
  • Effective ad-blocker : There are currently thousands of ad-blocking software in the market, some of which may do their job, but still contain malware. Others require your device to be rooted which is a potential risk. Such software ends up wasting too many resources on your device just to block a few ads and in the end, affects the performance. With AdGuard premium, the ad-blocking procedure is a natural process that consumes the least number of resources and doesn’t affect the performance of your device. This way, you can surf the web without worrying about an overused memory.
  • Killswitch : AdGuard VPN Premium offers a Killswitch option that allows you to block access to the internet whenever the connection if the VPN drops. This way, without a VPN, access to the internet will be denied allowing you to stay safe from online predators. 
  • Access to a variety of worldwide servers : AdGuard VPN Premium avails a massive VPN system that has access to about 20 servers from different countries around the globe. Once you open the app, AdGuard uses your IP to automatically pick out the best server that would enhance your browsing speed. Users can even select their most preferred country to which their IP address would be masked.
  • VPN modes : With the AdGuard VPN Premium, users get to choose between two modes including: Regular mode: For this mode, the app works on all domains connected except the sites from the exclusion list created by the user. To block access to any specic site, this mode would be most suitable at offering exceptional results. Selective mode: When this mode is enabled, AdGuard VPN would only work on the websites from the personalized list of the user.
  • Advanced settings VPN mode : Here users get to choose between two other modes including: VPN: All trac would be routed through the AdGuard VPN application automatically. However, using this mode, one cannot run other VPNs at the same time. SOCKS5: The VPN would run a local proxy server which can be used by other apps to route their desired trac through it. It is, however, recommended that you use this mode only if you are aware of what you’re doing.
  • Unblock various websites and content : Sometimes I may need to access a website which turns out to be blocked in my region, or the users from my region are restricted access. Either way, it can be a frustrating experience, especially if you put in the effort to look for that specic content. AdGuard VPN Premium disguises your IP allowing you to unblock any restricted website or content you need.

Direct Link DownloaAdGuard VPN MOD APK Unlocked :
Size : 22 MB
How to Install :
  1. Download app from the link given below {Important}
  2. Go to Settings on your Android device. {If your have “Install from unknown sources” settings enabled, skip to step 6}
  3. Here click on the option named Security.
  4. Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn ON the Install from Unkown Sources.
  6. Then install the apk.
  7. Done.

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How to download SERVER 2 :
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